Monday, August 15, 2011

Magic is far from everything, but in everything we do.

Nothing heals like the ocean

Fire Island Lighthouse
Our Spot - Arial Cameras are fun

The summer has been beautiful, and as we said earlier, we made the decision to not waste our time at the summer conventions here in the states. After speaking to those that did attend them, as far as sales went, our decision was dead on.  The organizers continue to be clueless as far as location, scheduling and talent that will draw. So we decided to enjoy the summer. And what a summer it has been.  We added a new hobby, I guess performance is in our blood so it was a natural. 
Out Beach Compound

My Rev SLE

Dual Line Stunt Kites are a blast in high winds.  Hang on with two handles and prepared to be dragged down the beach.
Then came power kites than can lift you off the beach, add to that single line kites, sky art and mega kites and the show grew.  We have gotten a little eloborate at the shore, and so many beach goers stop each evening and say thank you for beautiful show to music every weekend.  We do it because it is art, and fun, and beautiful.  It is work and at the same time relaxing.  Everyone knows us, thanks us, and we have made many new friends.  We never expected that reaction, it was humbling to say the least. The nice thing is that thousands there enjoy it as much as we do, and the expression on a small childs face is the look we all got to know when we do that magic, and they truly believe.  Priceless. We have been able to transform adults back to kids, and kids into dreamers. I have been known to give a few kites away, and again, the expression is priceless. The show goes on, and our collection keeps growing.  Here are a few shots so far this summer.  The kites in the air there are 12-16 feet across and as one of our flags say  "The one who dies with the most toys WINS".  Click on any picture, they get bigger.


Flyin High after Hurricane Earl
Our modest beach set-up.  OK OK  we like toys
Joanne's corner
Joanne even has seating for guests.
Easy to find us, look for the flags.
Let them fly
Gomberg Line Art

12 Foot Delta with 6 foot Skyguyz
Kite Popper Line Climber
Kite Line Popper

Sled with Banner Tail

A small collection in the air.
This sled can pull like a horse when the wind goes up.
Helix.  On a windy day we fly a few of these.

More spinning crap, gotta love it.
Flyin High with Boxes
Joanne's favorite - all from

10 Foot Delta Coyne with extras
Lots of spinning crap  - Hee Hee

Sojourn Double Box Kite

with some Box Kites
Our Encampment every weekend on Fire Island, NY
If the sun is shining, we are here.
Look for banners and flags, listen for the music.

Paint the Sky
Helix Spinner

The Wacky

Jewel Train
Graphic Delta and a 12 Foot Beauty
Gomberg Gear Wheel

Elevation Box Kite with Flag Line
The Majestic - 19 Foot Delta
The Banners Mark ouir spot
In Honor of...............

Sun Bird

Our Beach Family Grows with Paulie, Tom, and friends.  The sand dunes are our gathering spot for a lot of laughs
 and fun in the sun.  If you are there, just look for the kites, banners and flags, there we will be, till the sun goes down.
We listen to Classic Vinyl on SiriusXM with Dusty Street

Listen for the music, we play it loud,  and say hi.

Best Life Guards on the Atlantic
We do not leave until the sun sets.  A perfect ending to the show.

Nothing like the moon over a sand dune.  Another type of magic.