Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Warning by Kostya Kimlat

Warning by Kostya Kimlat – $20 Now in stock

!WARNING is an incredible new magic effect that is fast, visual, direct and amazing. Pick up a lighter, peel off the "warning" sticker, light it, and in a flash of fire the sticker has instantly returned to the lighter! WARNING is easy to learn, fun to practice, and addicting to perform. A completely organic magic trick that will get screams from your audience, !WARNING "generates waves of excitement without you having to say a single word!" It's the perfect ice breaker for any magician, a stunning close-up trick for the bar, street, banquet or corporate boardroom.
Reviews from Professionals
"Visually Stunning!" - David Williamson
"Organic and Logical." - Michael Ammar
"...The impossible in a nanosecond." - David Regal
"So off the wall and visual - what a great idea!" - Chad Long
"Fun, fantastic, f@$&!#% unbelievable!" - Daniel Garcia
"Generate waves of excitement without saying a single word!" - Gregory Wilson
"Kostya has come up with the most visually stunning trick I've seen in a long time." - David Williamson
"Organic and Logical. It's as perfect for a dark, loud bar as for an elegant dinner party." - Michael Ammar
"!WARNING is visual, direct, easy to do and looks like magic. It's going into my repertoire right now." - Joshua Jay

Friday, November 20, 2009

Conventions 2010

Here is where you can see us live in 2010.  List will be updated as we get confirmation.

  • Magi-Fest, Columbus OH
  • Blackpool Magicians Convention, UK
  • NEMCON - North Haven CT
  • LIMAC - Hemstead NY
  • Magi-Whirl, Washington DC
  • FFFF - Batavia NY
  • MAWNY - Batavia NY
  • Tony Spina's First Annual Magic Jubilee - Fishkill NY
  • Magic In The Rockies - Fort Collins CO
  • Metro Magic - Meadowlands NJ
  • ICBM - Southbury CT
  • Jersey Magic Jam - Clark NJ

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sherpa Pens back in Stock

We cannot keep these in stock. We are an Authorized Dealer of Sherpa Pens. What is a Sherpa you ask? Well, originally these were those most skilled of Mountain Guides, who accompanied many adventurers’ on the trek to Mt Everest, but no we are not selling Mountain Guides. What we are selling if one of the coolest Pens to hold a Sharpie. It is a Pen in which a Sharpies fits inside. This way you can use any color Sharpie for having spectators sign cards, bills, envelopes. Also for signing photos and autographs, and drawing details on balloons, plus anything else you would use a Sharpie for. The difference it that this has the look and feel of a very fine writing instrument, which it is. The quality is on par with a Mont Blanc, yet an inexpensive Sharpie becomes the refill. Beautiful and only $30, and we have three styles in Stock. Get yours now. a http://www.wizardcraft.com/

Lecture Tour 2010

Due to many reasons, and having not done a tour since 2003, we decided to forgo the IBM and SAM conventions this summer, and embark on a Spring and Fall lecture tour instead. To us it is far more fun, we have more time to spend teaching and give personalized hands on service, and get back to what we love about magic. The summer will be spent at the shore, Joannes's favorite place. The entire tour is not set yet, but here is what we have confirmed thus far.
  • Mar 8              SAM 21 West Hartford CT - www.sam21.org/
  • April 8           Delaware Knights of Magic, Wilmington DE - www.dkom.org/  
  • April 9-10     Magi-Whirl Washington DC (Dealer Only)- www.magi-whirl.org/
  • April 12         Denny and Lee Magic Shop, Baltimore MD - http://www.dennysmagic.com/
  • April 14         Marc DeSousa's Magic Theatre, King of Prussia PA
  • April 16         IBM Ring 352, State College PA - www.ibmring352.com/
  • June 9            JMMRT,Magician’s Round Table, Edison NJ - www.magiciansroundtable.com/
  • Sep 9-11         Magic in the Rockies,Fort Collins CO - www.prestodigitators.com/
  • Oct 15             SAM Assembly 24 - Albany NY - sam24.synthasite.com/
  • TBA                SAM Assembly 77 - Long Island Mystics - www.limystics.org/           
  • TBA                SAM Assembly 9 - Boston
  • TBA                SAM Assembly 181 - Hightstown NJ - www.magicsam181.com/ 
  • TBA                Fantasma Magic NYC - www.fantasmamagic.com/ 
  • TBA                Tricky Business Magic Shop - Hicksville NY - trickybiz.com/  

A few more stops are in the works, all TBA dates and additions will updated here as soon as they are finalized.

Monday, November 16, 2009

ICBM Gathering Nov 2009

What is a Bizarre Magic gathering you may ask? No it is not Devil Worship, or geek magic, yet there are some that could enter that category at any convention. I am not what many would class as a Bizarrist. So why do Joanne and I go? First I am a dealer, but more importantly this gathering has evolved, and grown over time. It has a life of its own, and is shaped by the attendees. In many respects it is far from the typical magic convention. There are magicians, misfits, curiosity seekers, performers, hobbyists, those who come merely for fun, and those who are trying to find a place that they fit in. Sort of like life, but there is a difference. Here, like a workshop, you are encouraged to share, encouraged to perform, encouraged to learn, encouraged to grow. There is no need to be embarrassed, no one is here to ridicule or judge. We go to share, learn and evolve. And that it does deliver. The list of attendees, to my initial surprise, could fill any world-class convention around the globe. From people like Jeff McBride, Jay Scott Berry, Eugene Burger, Bob Neale, Leslie Melville, David Goodsell, Losander, Luna Shamada , Johnny Thompson, Bob Fitch, Ed Solomon, to the not so famous to mainstream magic, yet uniquely talented performers such as Larry White, Cardor, Brother Shadow, Dr Mambo, Mary Tomich, Vlad, Evil Dan, and all organized by the Grand Magus, Joe Cabral.


Why do they come? Because in a unique way, this gathering offers a community atmosphere that is hard to come by. Losander Master of the Art of Levitation and truly World Class performer interrupted his Fall European Lecture and Performance tour, flew back from Germany at his own expense just to be here. He comes back every year, and we have so much fun. Joining him was his wonderful and talented partner in life Luna Shamada, and their son. They made it their vacation together. Wow. What a testament to any gathering.

Leslie Melville

Leslie Melville, comes all the way from the UK every year, just to be at the gathering, and always performs, and brings a sense of wonder so rare to us all with his class, his characters, his stories, and beautiful style. I can be a six year old child once again, and really experience that sense of wonder I seem to forget about the rest of the year. This is true magic, and some of the reasons we would not miss it for the world. Leslie has performed his own style of magic for many years in clubs, cabarets, holiday centres, luxury cruise liners and theatres; specialising for several Christmas seasons in pantomime as the wicked 'Uncle Abanazar' in Aladdin. As work in clubs and cabarets declined during the eighties, he began producing themed children's shows for Scottish schools. The subjects were diverse, including Road Safety, Pantomime History, Litter Abatement, Pirates and Scary Spook Shows! Around the same time, he established a small performance company ‘'Clyde Coast Theatre' which toured schools, libraries and community centres. A by-product of this company was the formation of 'The Tree of Bells Storytellers', playing outdoor galas, fetes and folk festivals. During this time, Leslie also presented his own solo storytelling performances and for the last twenty years has featured in storytelling festivals and gatherings throughout the U.K. and here in the States at the Gathering. Always a highlight, and what Joanne and I look forward to the most. Leslie is currently working on a new production of 'Terrifying Tales' which origiinally opened  at Hallowe'en on Friday and Saturday, 30th & 31st October 2009 at the Lawrence House Studio of The Blackpool Grand Theatre.

Bob Neale

Bob Neale, one of the most influential, thinkers, and creators was just one of this years lecturers. He and his wonderful wife are just a joy to spend time with. I was able to spend some great time, and have many laughs with an old friend, someone I have learned so much from, and has given so much to the world of magic, and world of entertainment, including immeasurable contributions to stage, screen, theater and life, and that is Bob Fitch. If you dare to listen, dare to reflect, and dare to try to find who you really are, you can only grow and benefit from being with Bob. And what is truly unique, he also had as much fun as we did, and went away knowing more, feeling more, and understanding more. That is what this gathering has to offer. Like any event, there are highs and lows, good and bad, exceptional talent, and really bad performances. But isn’t that the nature of life, isn’t that the nature of balance? You need to do it all, and experience it all, to know what path you want to be on. That is why we go, that is what I get from it. Each of us gets something different, but that is why Joanne and I would not miss it for the world. If you notice I said spend time with, and it is a small gathering, and that is what makes this all possible. One of the reasons they all keep coming back.
Bob Fitch

Keep up to date on the next one at http://www.icbmmagick.com/

JerseyMagicJam Nov 2009

A new star is born. jerseymagicjam.com With sleep deprivation, and having just left the ICBM Convention, we headed off to Clark NJ to attend the Jersey Magic Jam Convention. Let me say this first, we attend A LOT OF CONVENTIONS, from the Good, to the Bad, to the Ugly. These four guys bought out what began as Bajor's Convention, then Magic Funday, now JerseyMagicJam. This is First Class, and then some. These guys, through their love of performance and magic, and having quite a lot of class, pulled of what I can say with pride was the best Northeast efforts I have seen in quite a long time. The price was great for what you got. And that was an entire day of Lectures, Magic, Dealers, a Mega Auction, and a great Evening show. Add to that, an Excellent afternoon Buffet Lunch included in the fee, and this was not just a crappy hot dog lunch, this was a first class sit down hot dinner worthy of a banquet at a hotel for any evening event. Just great. Hopefully NYC and the Tri-State Area takes notice of this. I predict it will be a sell out next year, and rumor has it Jeff McBride may headline. Don't be disappointed, register when this becomes available, because word will spread fast. This years event featured Rocco, Peter Samelson both presenting world class lectures.
Peter Samelson

It was great seeing Peter, if you want to be better, and add class , style and theater to your performance, I can think of only two or three people in the world I would look to, Peter is one of them. A rare appearance, and simply great. The event hosted a great array of dealers, superb food, an absolutely beautiful setting and stage , all due to the dedicated work and coordination of four magicians, and their friends and families. I must say, the only other place I have seen wives and family pitch in to this extent is at the Blackpool Magicians Convention in England. They did a great job. It took a ton of work to pull this off, and they did it. The first of what we hope will continue in this fashion for many years to come. The location is easily accessible from anywhere. Check out their current details and future plans at jerseymagicjam.com