Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blackpool - The World's Largest and Best

Blackpool is a convention we have been attending, performing at, lecturing at, and displaying our fine goods for over 10 years.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 19th, 20th & 21st of February 2010, at the Opera House and Winter Gardens, Church Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, England . We would not miss it for the world.  This year, its extra special for us as the current Blackpool Magicians President, Alan Coventry is like familiy to Joanne and I.  We are very proud of Alan, and it will be great to be there to celebrate with him and his lovely bride. Come congratulate Alan, and have tons of  laughs with us, Jerry and  Marion O'Connell, Thom Dunlop my faithful manservant, and our band of merry wackos.  Not only is the Convention the best there is, but the magic never ends, day and night, and even on the streets.  Showzam! Circus, Magic & New Variety, Blackpool  12 - 21 February 2010.  Taking over the town of Blackpool for 10 days each February, Showzam! is the UK’s only festival dedicated to the dazzling worlds of circus, magic and new variety. This extraordinary and unique festival includes a number of high profile performers, street artists and never before seen acts, showcased throughout Blackpool’s famous landmarks and on the streets. 

The picture to the left is about half of the dealers area, the world's largest.  If you cannot find it here, it isnt available.  3700 people come every year because they know, it just doesn't get any better than this.  They come by car, train, boat and plane from all over the world.  We will be there with all our crazy friends.  Check out the latests details on their site at  Join us for a week of magic and fun.
Craig and Thom Dunlap