Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blackpool 2010 - We returned

A place like no other.  One has to expeience Blackpool and all its charm to understand.

A walk back in time to a magical world full of history, Blackpool UK in all its splendor.  A town steeped in history, and featured in films such as "Funny Bones, "Shall We Dance" and a host of others. The Winter Gardens has hosted most of the greats in Entertainment from the Big Bands, Sinatra, almost all major Rock Bands, singers of standards and unique acts to the World's Greatest Magic for over a century.  A true treasure.  Blackpool is a place you have to visit to understand. 

Going through quite a resurection with Pedestrain Malls, street festivals, new shopping at its finests, a huge variety of restaurants, and the best part of all, the people who come.  We would not miss it for the world, and this years event did not disappoint, but left us wanting it to not end.  We laughed so hard we hurt by the end of the far too short event.  I think they will break all records when they host FISM in 2012.  This team, and I say team because that is exactly what it is, magicians, husbands, wives, and other family members, that work not only so hard, but so well together, continually do the impossible.  They draw over 3700 magicians from around the world for three days of entertainment and fun. 

There is not another place like it on earth.  This is Blackpool. Three days packed with worldclass lecturers, the world's best Close-Up Workers in outstanding  shows spread over two days, special events, competitions, Gala Shows, and over 120 dealers from around the world.  This is the Great Grand Daddy of all conventions.  Derek Lever and his crew never fail to give us an event they will long talk about.  Funny how each attendee comes away with a different perspective, and certainly their own personal favorite things they talk about.  There is truly something for everyone, young and old.

We love things not often seen in the states.  Old fashioned slap stick and comedy from an era gone bye.  Laughs you can not hold in, pure genius, physical and classic comedy.  Add to that world class magic, illusions, variety acts, comedy, and you have a convention that stands alone.  There are other line by line reviews, we just like to give you the flavor of Blackpool.  It is indeed our favorite convention, thirteen years running.  Next year they will host the FISM European Championships as part of the event.  It will start a half day earlier, and all that means more magic, and more fun.  Watch the Blackpool magicians site for early registration details.  http://blackpoolmagic.com/  This years event sold out in record time.  I predict next years will sell even more quickly.

A Tribute to three great friends. The Blackpool Magicians made a beautiful tribute to three great friends, friends of magic, and friends to us all.  We will miss them very much, they added so much to our personal lives, and to the Art of Magic. Mahka Tendo, Ali Bongo and Pat Page.  Their contributions to magic set the bar a little higher, and they will always be remembered in our hearts. We will miss them.