Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Lecture Tour

We have just returned from our Spring Excursion, and we had a blast.  Joanne took a few pics as we travelled, first at DKOM with President Al Hitt, a great group, and lots of fun. then at Denny's Magic Shop, wow, the new place is awsome, and Denny stocks more great magic than anyone I know.  What a shop, and a great theater as well.  If you get to Baltimore, this is a must stop and shop.  He carry's only the best.  We had a great turnout.  Joanne took a shot of his theater before the lecture, it filled up fast and was a great evening.

Another treat was the lecture at Marc Desouza's Theater.  Marc has been a great friend for many years, and his hospitality is unparalleled. Marc has an incredible magic collection and even a huge collection of guitars from some of the greats.  Add to that his incredible theater, and this is a dream house for any magicians, and collector.

We had many other stops, but time did not allow for photos, if you have any, please email them to us so we can post them.  We had a great time at the SAM 21 in West Hartford, the Delaware Knights of Magic in Willmington DE, Magi-Whirl Washington DC, Lancaster PA, and State College PA Ring 352 with John Blake.  We are glad we had the time to meet so many new friends, and visit with so many old ones. Now its time to pack for FFFF and continue this madness we call magic.  See you out there.

Hint:  Click the photo for a larger view.  :-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The 2010-2011 Lecture Tour Begins

See us at one of the following, all begins now.  Surprises galore, and if you have ever been to one of my lectures, which are not very frequent, then you know what to expect.  If not, you will be entertained, learn some really great stuff, have a fun night, see deals you will never see again, and be very surprised. But we added so much more. We will update each stop here as we progress.  Hope to see many of you there.


Mar 8 - SAM 21 West Hartford CT -

April 8 - Delaware Knights of Magic, Wilmington DE -

April 9-10 - Magi-Whirl Washington DC (Dealer Only)-

April 12 - Denny and Lee Magic Shop, Baltimore MD -

April 14 - Marc DeSousa's Magic Theatre, King of Prussia PA

April 16 - IBM Ring 352, State College PA -

June 9 - JMMRT,Magician’s Round Table, Edison NJ -
Sep 9-11 - Magic in the Rockies,Fort Collins CO -

Oct 15 - SAM Assembly 24, Albany NY -
.....................more in the works for the Fall of 2010


Feb 18-20 - Blackpool Magicians Convention  UK- Lecture -

May 9 - SAM Assembly 77 - LI Mysitics - Lecture

May 23-25 - IMX 2011 Las Vegas -

May 27 - SAM 136 - Lecture - Tucson AZ